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FAQ[edit | edit source]

Why doesn't Sage remember the feed items I've read?[edit | edit source]

Sage relies on the browsing history of Firefox to remember which items you have read, so make sure that your browsing history is enabled. Also check that you do not automatically clear browsing history every time Firefox is closed.
This may change soon. Replacing the current history mechanism is a high priority.

I've double-checked my XML file that's bookmarked in the Sage folder, but for some reason Sage isn't able to update the feed.[edit | edit source]

It's unlikely that Sage'll have trouble accessing the net if Firefox is doing just fine. Maybe you haven't gone through the settings to select the ones you wanted? If you prefer the feed to be rendered, you'll need to check the "Render feeds in content area" under "Options - Settings"; if you prefer an item list below the feeds, you'll need to select "Show feed item list" in Sage's "Options" pull-down menu.
If you did choose "Show feed item list", make sure you close the sidebar then reactivate it, so Sage will initialize properly.

Tips and Hints[edit | edit source]

using the Sage XUL window[edit | edit source]

Since I don't like the sidebar, I use Sage in the following way:
  • I bookmarked the URL chrome://sage/content/sage.xul
  • pressing the Update RSS-Icon tells me which feeds have been updated
  • with the "Ctrl"-key pressed, I then click on the feeds I want to see. They now open in new tabs.
  • In the feeds I click - again with "Ctrl" pressed - on the items I want to see and they open nicely in new tabs. :Alternatively, I can press the middle button on my mouse to open items in a new tab.

Screen shots[edit | edit source]

This section can be edited to give screen shots to show how Sage works.

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