This page is intended for listing descriptions of news feed aggregators for the convenience of the Sage community.

Habari Xenu[edit | edit source]

Habari Xenu was a News Aggregator built on top of the powerful Mozilla web platform. Habari Xenu was directly inspired by Aggreg8 which used to be the only free XUL-based news aggregator back in the day. Early versions of HX had a UI very much like Aggreg8's. Habari Xenu also borrowed ideas from RSS Reader and Sage.

InfoRSS[edit | edit source]

infoRSS was a lightweight, non-intrusive, RSS, ATOM, NNTP and HTML headlines reader for Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape and Thunderbird. The extension installed a small icon in the status bar. The headlines are displayed in the icon in the status bar or in a separate bar (top or bottom of the screen). The interface is very simple to use: drag and drop new url of feed onto the extension icon to add a new feed or click on the extension icon to select a specific feed to read. The feeds can be grouped to allow multi feed fetch and filter can be used to limit the number of headlines.

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