Abuse filter rules[edit | edit source]

Fandom is offering everyone who create/edit pages an abuse filter which is capable of blocking abusive, inappropriate or suspicious edits. No rules are assigned with the abuse filter.

Spam filter rules[edit | edit source]

Fandom is offering everyone who create/edit pages a spam filter (owned by the spam obliteration and prevention members) which is capable of blocking text strings and images that violate the terms of use in order to stop any user responsible for spam or vandalism from abusing. The rules assigned with the spam filter are as follows:

  • Do not use link shorteners and websites with redirection pages, instead replace them with the actual links. Shortened links are used in e.g. lots of descriptions of YouTube videos.
  • Do not use HTML linking tags for external links (use square brackets instead). The HTML linking tag is used in e.g. Windows resources.
  • Do not link videos to illegal streaming services.
  • Do not add links to websites for official animations or comics, movies or videos, online scanning services or with inappropriate content (e.g. blood and/or gore, lingerie and/or swimwear, alcohol, tobacco, pornography, nudity and other adult-specific content, drugs and/or medicine, viruses and other malicious software, ...).
  • Do not use ethnic or racial slurs; besides, the words should be censored or removed, whereas hate speech is illegal.
  • Do not end page titles with a forward slash or other symbols.
  • Do not use hidden characters (e.g. space characters from the General Punctuation Unicode block).
  • Avoid using words with 12 lowercase letters in the edit summary.
  • Use the phalanx stats special page with the block identifier to view the statistics (you must be a Fandom staff or spam obliteration and prevention member to view this page).
  • Every once and a while the team bot will automatically delete spammy pages. If you want to delete spammy pages manually, you have to create an adoption request for any wiki through the community central.
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