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Answered Questions/Requests Edit

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Themes and Navigation Edit

- add "direct input" similar to dynamic websites Edit
- url with .rdf or .rss are automatically opened in Sage Edit
  • disagree - I would like FF to display RDFs, not Sage. Not all RDFs are Feeds.
  • shows all the other feeds from any websites with the user defined CSS stylesheet (to avoid Firefox' ugly default xml view) ... this feature is similar to feedview, another extension.
  • what might be helpful as well would be a way to render the contents on-demand from a feed rather than having to run to the Sage menu and select that I want the contents rendered or not. That would be very helpful so I can render the feeds I want to render without having all feeds rendered all the time.
  • toomuchgreentea : Done - not quite "automatic", but it's definitely "on-demand". Read mod v1.3.6_u3 for details.
- favicon support. Edit
  • the Sage tab should use a favicon to make it easier to find
  • please add favicon support for news items
  • or let the user choose between favicon and the green sage leaf. That might be easier for users who mix feed-links together with normal links.
  • Also a wish from Wiz RSS: Would it be possible to load the mini-icons (favicon.ico) from a site instead of the default icons? -- Frank Altpeter
- allow styling of item popup: pix, links Edit
  • present unformatted glob of text sometimes unsatisfactory
  • e.g. Arts & Letters Daily item description carries important information available only if formatted. Each item points to the same complete page, to which elements have been added at the top. The item description that appears in the popup contains the summaries of just the added elements, with the links to the full stories.
    • toomuchgreentea : I have checked the source file from the link you provided. Sage rendered the feed in content area without any problem.
  • many item descriptions contain images that should be displayed in the popup.
    • toomuchgreentea : Popups are really for quick info only. You'd want to render the feed in content area if you prefer to view images.
  • Rendering in content area is unsatisfactory for me. Content area is for displaying pages, IMO. Would still like to be able to style the popups -- if for no other reason than to fix the annoying truncated titles.


- open all links from the content page in a new tab Edit
- use the feed item list to "scroll" the newsfeed Edit
  • ... instead of having to click the feed items to read the news item on blogsites. In other words, instead of using the feed item list click to render the web page, just display the item using my own stylesheet.
    • toomuchgreentea : Try Aeroglass and see whether it suits your needs. This may be as close as you'll get to what you want, at least for the moment.
- wrap feed headlines in "Feed Item List" so that long feeds are readable Edit
  • toomuchgreentea : Turn off "Show Feed Item List", enable "Render feeds in contents area", then try my stylesheet Aeroglass and see whether you like it better.
- basic options about the viewability of the rendered feeds in the contents window Edit
  • for example, setting the colour or the font size of the rendered feeds. i know there's a custom css function, but not everyone knows too much about writing a css file! My feed renders are too small so i have to keep increasing the text size for the render, then decreasing again for the links.
  • it would be nice if one could define the font and the font-size of the entries in the feed item list, because it is far too large in my case
  • toomuchgreentea : As long as you are here, why not visit Feed_Style_Sheets on Sage Community Wiki? You can also go to Sage's homepage and choose from a wide variety of stylesheets.
- user-defined highlighting for visited and unvisited pages JoeMalin Edit
  • toomuchgreentea : This should really be done through custom CSS. Try specifying different styles for a:link and a:visited
I use firefox and my history is reset everytime I close the browser causing me to lose the history that is kept in Sage. Could there be an independent history kept by Sage of which articles were clicked on. And to add a bit more weight, the possibility of discerning which articles have been viewed before in the preview pane. Similar enhancement is already in the feed item list (it to is hooked to the history I believe) but I don't use it when I use Sage (one more unneeded level). Be well. Great software.
- rename feeds permanently Edit
  • this is a must-have. Some people use strange names for their blogs, and I would love to rename the feeds to keep track of blogs by the names of the authors.
  • toomuchgreentea : Turn off "Automatically update feed titles" in Settings
  • That does a good job of making the sidebar links readable, but it would be nice if the chnages the user made on the sidebar link were consistent with the title shown on the page when clicked. As an example, has a very long title which wraps in the title on the html that is generated by Sage. I've renamed the link on the sidebar, but it would be nice if what I renamed it to was reflected in the html. (BBC XML Page)
  • A necessaryenhancement because some sites just have not good enough titles for their feeds. There are even sites which offer feeds which different feeds but they all have the same title!
  • I really need this too. Not only do I like to shorten the feed names and put them in folders, I also have (as others have discovered) a number of feeds that do not have different titles on their various feed subjects.
  • I use Mantis bug tracking software for more than one project but the RSS feed titles are 'Mantis – ISSUES - username' i.e identical, I would really like to be able to distinguish between the 2
  • I would like to be able to sort by title that I give it. Sage overrides firefox sort order with either 'source' or 'chronological'. It would be nice to use the firefox sort order.
- context menu options "Open in New Window," and "Open in New Tab" in the Feed List Edit
  • toomuchgreentea : Already implemented in Sage? (Edit: My mistake - they were implemented in the item list and not the feed list)
  • Additionally, would be good to have out-of-context menu: always open feeds in New Tab/Window.
    • Or, at least, a "Do not re-Use Tabs/Windows," to open the first feed in a new one, and re-use that one for toggling through subsequent feeds.
- add an option to remove the item numbers (1. , 2. , ...) Edit
span.item-ordinal { display:none; }
  • Ability to remove them from the sidebar panel, in addition to the content area.
- separate "Allow Images" from "Allow HTML". Edit
  • the problem being in order to rid myself of intrusive images I lose hyperlinks and HTML formating. This would be even better if it was a property of each feed so I could block images only in the worst offenders.
  • toomuchgreentea : This should really be done through custom CSS.
div.item-desc a[href^="http://ad.base.address"][href*="other_id_strings"][href*="more_id_strings"] { display:none; }
  • sorry, I don't understand how to do this, i try with
div.item-desc a[href^="http://"][href*=".png"][href*=".jpg"][href*=".gif"] { display:none; }

but it doesn't work, coud you help me please?

- allow the removal of the Technorati icon Edit
  • also option to replace Technorati trackback with article trackback.
  • Answer: Greasemonkey script
  • toomuchgreentea : If all you want is to remove the Technorati icon, try adding the following to your custom CSS:
div.item-technorati { display:none; }
- allow customization of the hot key Edit
  • an option to change the 'Alt+S' key combo in the configuration page since this will not work if there is a menu item that has an accelerator on the 'S' character (e.g. _S_crapbook).
  • This has become more critical as Firefox 2.0 Windows uses Alt-S for the History menu. All the Windows users will be unable to access Sage via hotkey.
  • Agreed - would really like Alt-S back...
- nicer collums Edit

Check this blog to make all articles the same height, would be nice

- one feed per column Edit

Allowing the possibility to display several feeds on the page (three feeds for a three colum layout or more for a horyzontal layout), for example the feeds would be gathered in a subfolder of the sage bookmark folder. Therefore, Sage will have the basic functionality that makes applications like "yourminis" interesting.

- folder of feeds highlights if any feed has unread items Edit

For every subfolder in the sage bookmark folder I'd like the ability to have it in bold (even if closed) if any of the feeds in that subfolder has any unread items. This would make my unread feeds a lot more visible as I use folders to organize a lot of feeds. This would allow me to have the folders closed, but still know what to open to see the feeds with unread items.


Like in aKregator (kde feeds reader) it could be useful to show all the post of all the feeds in a folder if the folder is selected.

Search, Filter, and Organization Edit

- add advertisement filtering to the thread title and description. Edit
  • ... this should be simply an regex which upon matching would reject the thread. Unfortunatelly *advertisements in the RSS are becoming a real problem*
  • toomuchgreentea : This can be accomplished (mostly) through custom CSS.
- tell how many new posts have been made in each updated feed. Edit
  • simply saying that there have been new posts by displaying a star on the feed isn't adequate when you're talking about high traffic sites like Wired or Slashdot.
  • graham : I needed this too, so wrote a patch for it. You can get the path or the full .xpi (based on code from CVS as of 20th March 2006) here: patch
  • Graham's patch, although great looking in the screenshots, doesn't work with the current version. Unread count should be a feature of the default install.
- search in my RSS news few words Edit
  • I want to know if a subject (a word) is present in any posts (sumary or content) from any RSS chanel in my favorits (Franck a froggy)

This would be a HUGE feature, if you can filter your feeds. I see a 'keyword' section when I open a feed's properties but it doesn't appear to do anything.

- sort feeds by number of times I have visited Edit
  • I've got a lot of feeds and would like to drop my least favorite ones, but that would be easier if I could see at a glance which ones are hot and which are graveyards.
  • This can be done using Firefox's native bookmark management. In Organize Bookmarks, select Views > Show Columns > Visit Counts. Go to your Sage folder, and sort click on the Visit Count column to sort by it.

OPML Import/Export Edit

  • The ability to have the htmlUrl field when doing an export/import in OPML. That means an additional field/value is required by feed/bookmark in Sage to add the real url of the corresponding feed. This is used by various services like
  • The ability to import the OPML file from an URL instead of a simple file location.

Security Edit

- add security checks Edit
  • see
  • toomuchgreentea : Sage passes all 12 tests if "Allow HTML tags" in "Settings" is unchecked, but then this really isn't a security check per se. A rendered page in Sage only has the same access as any other webpages and no more, so hackers don't really gain any extra leverage by injecting javascript, iframes ... etc. into an RSS feed (I believe).
- http authentication Edit
  • does sage allow any sort of means of authenticating to a private RSS feed. https, http authentication, digest or ntlm authentication?

General Edit

- allow Sage to read podcast xml Edit
- hide all feeds that I have marked as read. Edit
  • I have an extremely long list of feeds, and I think it is annoying to scroll to the bottom to see something that has recently been updated when the ones at the top have all been read.
  • toomuchgreentea : Try anyone of my Glider Series. Hopefully that can save some scrolling for you :-) (or just use Ctrl-End to go the bottom of the page immediately before reading).
  • In the same spirit, create a shortcut to go directly at the next thread with unread articles, or sort rss feeds by read/unread
  • I am using Thunderbird as my RSS Newsreader and really appreciate the ability to have read items deleted from the list. I would prefer using Sage in Firefox if that functionality could be replicated. Also, some simple navigation like Next Unread from the keyboard would be tremendous.
- mark all as read Edit
  • I really miss that feature (quite common in various software). I'd like just to mark all my feeds as read, before refreshing the list.

Requests for Features, Enhancements & Options Edit

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Note: Requests in sections other than General may receive higher priorities.

Requests: Themes and Navigation Edit

- Feed Timestamps Edit
  • I hate to give IE as an example--but I REALLY like the timestamp method they use in the feed headers. For example the stamp reads: "Two hours ago", for a feed rather than the current time and date. This makes it MUCH quicker to comprehend the "freshness" of new feeds.
- Index pane layout Edit
  • Format the options menu so that it is a button, i.e. looks like View button under the History sidebar pane.
  • Make the Check and Discover Feeds buttons smaller, so that they are the same size as those on the Feed Item List Toolbar.
  • Provide the option to turn off the Loading toolbar (above the list of feeds). Most of the time it is blank and simply wastes space.
  • Collapse the 3 Toolbars (sage title bar, feed list toolbar, and loading toolbar) on top of the Feeds List into one customizable bar. The resulting space could help accomodate at least 3 additional feed listings.
- Tabs for feedgroups Edit
  • I have blogs, news, sports, entertainment and others I check. My list is getting pretty long enough I have to scroll. It would nice if i could break up the groups using tabs for my feedgroups and then use separators. As it stands I have tons of feeds separated by separators. Gets sort of overwhelming to try and look through them all. Thanks
- use Summary information in the popup Edit
  • at present if you hover over an article on the left-hand side, a popup appears that contains the first few characters of the value of the entry's <content> tag (in Atom 1.0; tag names will vary with other feed formats).
  • suggest that if the entry has a <summary> tag then this should be used for the popup text instead of synthesizing a summary from the <content> tag. If there is no <summary> tag then keep the existing behaviour.
- a toolbar icon that would "open sage in a new tab" Edit
  • and with option of focused or in the background
  • and on the open tab display your available feeds as a column on the left side of the screen. That way with one click you can have access to all your feeds without what I consider the annoying sidebar window.
  • you could then allow different options on the feed column. You could create some sort of child tabs within the overall sage tab which would preload the feeds (very handy IMO). You could make the feed column a mouse over rather than a click, make them tabable etc.
  • basically try and make the interface less like dealing with a firefox extention and more like dealing with a personalized webpage of news feeds that happens to be an extention.
- preference pane for the settings in the preferences window Edit
  • in the way of the Tabbrowser preferences extension
- allow feed urls to be entered from the sidebar Edit
- alt-S collides with standard search key in many sites (, Edit
  • key combo should be configurable.
  • ALT+* should be avoided as this could clash with any accesskey. Suggest CTRL+something, in line with the existing sidebars. - JonDowland
  • with my german localized version 1.0.4 of Firefox on Win2000 ALT-S doesn't work at all. It even collides with the edit form on this wiki which uses ALT-S as an accesskey for "Save Page". CTRL-* probably isn't such a good idea, because it would most certainly collide with one of the "built in" quick keys of mozilla (like CTRL-S for "Save As"), with another extension or with quick keys set up by the user on his operating system. I vote for configurable too.
  • ALT+S also collides with Google Toolbar. It should be possible to configure it, maybe to a 3-key combo like ALT+SHIFT+S.
  • ALT+S collides with the Mac input method for foreign letters (in this case, the German s). In general on the Mac ALT should be avoided as a modifier key; use control or command instead. The simplest way would be if I could just turn off the hot-key for Sage; I only use the toolbar icon anyway.
  • Firefox 2.0 Release Candidate 2 (RC2) collides with Sage, ALT+S opens Firefox's History menu
- version tracking RobertGuico Edit
  • display addition changes to a feed in green and subtraction changes in red, and black be "content changed"
  • A couple other things...
    • This should apply to the list of feeds in addition to the list of items in each feed.
    • Maybe have options regarding deleted items. Have feed-specific options that show what items were deleted, mark those red, and have them be crossed out in the list? There's a lot of options here...
    • Feeds with items both added and deleted could be black or blue.
  • ... see and netflix queue -- it happens!
  • toomuchgreentea : Version tracking would be nice, but it really isn't part of RSS.
- "update feeds" keyboard shortcut. Edit
  • having to mouse to and click the little icon negates the speed and convenience of a show/hide keyboard shortcut.
  • possibility to customize keyboard shortcut
  • keyboard shortcuts for all the functions of the reader would be appreciated
- reduce the visual clutter in the sidebar. Edit
  • many of the lines of interface could be merged and other things should have options to turn them off (e.g. current feed title/link).
  • the large toolbars could be smaller, combined and more compact. Save room for the feeds.
  • A button to toggle 'show/hide' Read items would be helpful.
- add toolbar icon on install Edit
      Or at least explain how to put one there after install...
- themes packaging Edit
  • instead of setting an alternative css file one should be able to supply a folder or a zipped file where all three files("sage.css", "template-html.txt" and "template-item.txt"). If one of them is missing in this folder/zip file, the default file in sage.jar is used. This would allow much more possibilities regarding style and even additional functionality via JavaScript.
- user option to move index frame to right of screen. Edit
- when rendering feeds in the content area, have a setting to place the focus in the content area Edit
  • currently, after clicking on the feed title in the sidebar, the focus remains on the feed title list even after the content is rendered, and requires an EXTRA click in the content area for the mouse scroll to focus properly.
- add button to create new feed Edit
  • currently, you can right click to add a normal bookmark, which Sage treats as a feed, but Firefox doesn't. It doesn't have the expanded menu capability. Also, I have trouble putting feeds into the "Sage Feeds" folder because I use bookmark tags which put bookmarks in tag folders.
- custom CSS for each feed Edit
  • if no CSS is specified for a feed it will use the the default, but otherwise it will use whatever CSS file is specified. This will allow the content area to closer resemble the original page.
  • The Properties dialog for each feed should provide an override option to specify a custom CSS per feed.
- Context: Open Edit
  • Right click on a feed produces context menu with "Open" choice.
  • "Open" in this context opens in content area but w/o styling.
  • Could this open with styling? Or could another choice be added to the context menu that does this?
- Update folder icons with new feed notification Edit
  • Grouping feeds in a folder using Firefox bookmark manager is a good way to organize feeds, but Sage does not mark the folder icon in bold if there are new items in the feeds after an update.
  • users should not have to expand a folder they have created to know if there are new items in a particular group
- Full fledged hotkey support for all functions Edit
  • Hotkeys for manually updating a selected feed, for bringing up properties of a selected feed and for marking all read/unread on a selected feed. Also, a single hotkey to load the next new item. The major strength of my favorite RSS program was that it had these hotkeys and that one could read every new item without having to touch the mouse, which was extremely convenient.
  • I would like to strongly second this suggestion; the main purpose of feed readers is to quickly wade through your feeds. Also please document the existing key bindings somewhere and add a key binding for "Check Feeds" (if it doesn't exist already.)
- don't cut title in popup Edit
  • I keep my Sage-bar small, because of it, I can't read long news titles there. So I as a user expect that when I hover my mouse above the shortened title I can read the hole title in the popup. Why does it have to be cut like in the sage-bar? And if it is too long for the popup I just would expect a line break. It's always a lot of fuzz to search for the uncut title in the main window.
- Display feed's main image Edit
  • Some feeds (e.g. BBC News, RTL Nieuws) include an image (<image> element) in their main feed description, but I couldn't find a style that displays them (like in e.g. Firefox's feed preview) or some way to include it in the style sheet.
- (Pre-)Load all feeds for mobile access Edit
  • I want to read my feeds on travel, without using mobile Internet (it's expensive or unavailable). I only want to push a Sage button and all my feeds should be loaded and saved, so I can use them without Internet access. For commercial sites, the forwarding Links have to be loaded too, so the whole article is available on the go.
  • I'd like to see an iPhone app where you can browse original sites all within the same app.

Requests: Search, Filter, and Organization Edit

Only render unread feeds in content area Edit
  • An option to only show the unread feeds in the content area would be much appreciated (and also to remove the column divider so that the text area is wider)
- add support for automatic proxy configuration script Edit
  • I have this setting configured in Firefox, but it seems that Sage is not using the proxy configuration script.

Tags to mark/filter feeds (and posts?)Edit

  • It would be great if it would be possible to tag feeds with multiple user-defined tags and filter tags accordingly (single tag or combination). Maybe it even would make sense to extend this capability so individual posts can be tagged/filtered
  • I would like to mark (or flag, or star) posts inside of feeds with a single click, for easy identification later.
  • keeping a count of how many flagged posts per feed might be helpful, particularly for sorting feeds by "popularity."
  • having this list of marked posts in html or as bookmarks would make blogging about them easier.
- would like to be able to specify keywords Edit
  • and have Sage automatically open corresponding feeds in new background tab.
- add search engine into Sage Window Edit
  • I would like to be able to filter feed items. For example, the feed from contains several different type of programs. Like freeware, shareware etc. This is mentioned in the feed header between parenthesis. I would like to be able to filter on this, so I only get to see freeware or shareware etc.
  • RobertGuico : regexp search, discovery, and inline changes to feed titles for some feeds (not to kill you or anything ;-)
- "bold" collapsed folders when new content is detected in any feed within Edit
  • it would be nice if the subfolder title would be made bold if there's an updated feed in the subfolder.
  • Oh yes please! It's a little bit frustrating expanding every single folder to see if there are any updates anywhere.
  • Echoing that comment. It is very frustrating to have to expand each folder to see if there are updates. PLEASE make this a priority!!
  • it would be great to indicate with a number how many feeds there are in every bookmark in the feed list.
  • I would like a virtual feed. If I organize them in a subfolder, it would be perfect that I could use this folder as a virtual rss feed on it's own, with all entries of it's sub feeds. So when I tell the folder to refresh, it checks all the feeds in it and shows all feeds as one feed with it's entries odrdered chronolgicaly, behaving just like an ordinary feed.
    • Seconded! At the moment I have to aggregate my feeds manually with feedjumbler. I'd rather be able to read all my 'news' feeds as one, for example.
  • just a tiny issue: could the feed titles themselves remain bold as long as there are unread stories inside, instead of unbolding on click?
- feeds "grouping" Edit
  • At the very least, let the user assign a feed to a folder when adding it.
  • it would be nice so you could read the feeds by group and not by source
  • group by category (Tech, Sports, Science etc...)
  • group by date
  • add "Group Newspaper" like in FeedDemon
  • add "Aggregation of multiple feeds" into bottom of side-panel, preferably prefixed with a short desc. of the source channel
  • is there any way to combine feeds, such as in a Livejournal friends page? chrisgriswold AT gmail DOT com.
  • RSS-mixing e.g. RSS Mix, FeedShake
  • what I want is the ability to view groups of feeds (or all my feeds at once) together sorted chronologically, like the LJ page. Cnet's Newsburst does this in Stream mode, but I don't particularly trust them with things.
  • this was at one point one of the main features of RSS - the ability to remix feeds. Perhaps this could be an option on a folder or something similar? So that if one wants to access the group of feeds, one could do it by using the folder they are in? All news items in the "News" folder, etc.
  • I'd definitely be in favor of this. It's the main reason I looked for an advanced newsreader.
  • I'm kind of amazed that this isn't already in place; it seems like an incredibly obvious thing to have.
  • I'd love to use Sage if it offered the grouping thing. For now I went back to NewsFox.
  • The inability to group and view feeds together is the only reason I keep deleting Sage (3 times so far) and running off to find a different RSS reader. If I wanted to just view the posts from a single site at a time, I would just run through my bookmarks every morning. Instead, I want a collection of RSS feeds concisely grouped by topic. Please.
  • What everyone else said. Sage is lean and mean and that kicks ass, but this feature is a must-have.
- better live bookmarks integration. Edit
  • feeds imported from OPML and feeds added with the autodiscovery mechanism in Sage are added as regular bookmarks. On the other hand, feeds added with the Firefox autodiscovery mechanism are added as Live Bookmarks. It makes the process of reading and adding feeds unnecessarily confusing.
- move feeds with new items to the top of the list Edit
- Return the "mark all as read" button. Edit
  • I used that button often in Version 1.3.6 but it disappeared in 1.3.7 - can we get it back (even as an option).
- mark all as read for your feed list (like you can for a specific feed). Edit
  • I just imported a 100+ OPML, and having to go through each feed an mark all as read is a pain.
  • being able to mark all read/unread for selected Sage folder (through context menu) would be nice
  • the "Mark All As Read" button is in fact available when you have a folder highlighted, but pressing it causes no action to occur
  • I would like to add another voice to the request for this feature
  • I countenance this request too - please put "mark all (RSS Feeds) as read" in the next update, it's VERY useful, when you have plenty feeds in your list.
  • Please bring back this feature - my OPML is huge and I really need this feature.
  • Please can we have this feature?
- add RSS search feeds to Sage. Edit
  • it would be handy if there was an 'Add RSS Search Feed' option that took the name and query at least and added them to a user defined list of search options. Being able to aggregate search over several RSS search feeds would be handy too.
  • to simplify things even further, if people take up on OpenSearch then it would be good to autodiscover search feeds, e.g. from something like: <link rel="osrss" type="application/rss+xml" href="" title="OpenSearch On Safari" />
  • I'd like to be able to subscribe to an OpenSearch service in the search box, and display the RSS-format search results in Sage. Spotted here
- need help with organizing items: read vs unread Edit
  • bolding unread items is bare minimum requirement. need also optional means of organizing items to make unread ones more accessable.
  • e.g. hide/reveal read items.
  • this action to be provided by a new button among the four aleady provided for marking.
  • new button to be a toggle of alternating states: hide/reveal read items.
  • items not to disappear immediately when read (and toggle set to "hide"), but remain in view until "toggled off" with two hits to the button: reveal, hide.
  • Suggested implementation:
  • READ_i state variable for each item: 1=read, 0=unread.
  • HIDE_i state variable for each item: 1=hide, 0=reveal.
  • HIDE_b state variable for the button: 1=hide, 0=reveal.
  • Hitting button changes its state and all items HIDE_i to the new button state.
  • Items removed from display if READ_i .and. HIDE_i = 1
  • Mark feed as read as soon as it's clicked on.
  • Show only the unread items unless all have already been read, otherwise show all items.
  • For feeds that are organized through subfolders, mark a folder bold (unread) if at least one feed within it has unread items. Similar to what Thunderbird does to mark folders with unread mail.
- additional sort order: reverse of original Edit
- Regex filter in feed's unseen items (advertising filtering) Edit
  • The prior answer about using custom CSS is not an easy thing for most users. This would be a *really* nice feature to have added to feed properties, Ideally, when a feed is scanned for new items, if all of the new items are filtered-out, then the feed would not show new unread items. (BTW: Thanks for a great FF extension!!)
- mixing bookmarks and feeds Edit
  • For regualrly updated sites that don't have feeds, I'd like to be able to mix their bookmarks in with my feeds, and have Sage mark them when the page changes.
  • They could be marked with a different icon, (ideally the favicon). Clicking them would of course load the original page not the sage-rendered feed. (I don't use the Feed Item List but I suppose it could jut be empty.)
  • I've no idea about implementation, do webservers hand out file dates? Or checksum the first kb or something?
- homepage Edit
  • I would like to be able to set FireFox's homepage to be a newspaper view of my feeds (mix & match any or all, not only by groups), so every time I start the browser I can get an update of today's news.
Right to left support Edit
  • I would like to be able to set Hebrew feeds aligned to the right. (Hebrew is read from right to left) Thanks!!
  • edit: it should recognize if the first letter of a feed is RTL language (Hebrew, Arabic) or LTR language (English and 95% of languages in the world).

if the first letter of the feed is RTL - it should change the css style that all "left" aligns will be "right". Thanks.

- Auto-update feeds Edit
  • Although there is an add-on extension that automatically updates all feeds every 5 minutes, it would be better if the user had the choice of how often the feeds are updated both globally and individually. Ie: one feed updates every 30 minutes, and another updates every hour.
  • Add an option to automatically update all feeds whenever the Sage sidebar ist opened
- Sage Autoupdate does not work within Firefox 3.0 Edit
  • The autoupdate function does not work within Firefox 3.0. When Firefox starts, it deactivates the add-on. It would be great if there would be an update soon.
- Add ability to bookmark feeds Edit
  • I would like to be able to bookmark feeds from the right-click menu (or optionally drag feeds to a bookmark folder). Another option is to 'pin' feeds so they don't roll off the bottom of the feeds window. This way, I can read them later when I have more time, or am not at work, etc. Thanks.

Requests: Import / Export and Synchronize (OPML and others) Edit

- allow OPML import by drag'n'drop a link to an OPML file from the browser page. Edit
  • at present one has to use Firefox to save the link to the disk, then afterwards using Sage | Options | Import OPML and browse to the saved file.
- allow OPML upload/download by FTP and DAV with user defined settings. Edit
  • so transfering your collection of news feeds to your own website will be easier.
  • ReminderFox does this to import and export its .ics file. infoRSS does it too.
- allow scheduled synchronization of an OPML file from a FTP and DAV server Edit
  • so multiple instances of Sage could be synced at all times.
  • this is very useful if you have two or more computers (work, home, ...) and want to synchronize them.
  • ReminderFox also does something similar to this. I don't think it's a scheduled upload/download, but it tries to sync the local and remote files periodically. (I personally don't use this feature, but it is there.)
- Increase portability of CSS path Edit
  • allow css file to be retrieved over FTP, DAV, HTTP etc so you don't have to copy the CSS file to every machine you use.
  • allow sage to better run on a USB stick by making relative CSS paths to be acceptable and paths such as /docs/mozilla.css allowed on any system (Unix, Windows ...).
- add a way to save read/write states etc to a server. Edit
  • at home, I generally read RSS feeds from my desktop, but on the road, I'd like to have the same feeds with same articles marked read on my notebook without having to Sync firefox profiles everytime. Could states be saved to a file over FTP or DAV?
- syncronizing with online bookmark sites like Edit
  • I want to have a "feeds" tag which I tag all my feeds with. Sage should login to delicious and syncronize with the "feeds" tag and then use that list as my feed list.
    • This would probably be better handled with Foxylicions and the extenstion.
      • The extension removes the firefox bookmark folder, making it pretty much impossible to use alongside sage. They remove the bookmarks for a reason, and cannot offer the same features without removing it, so the ball is in Sage's court if compatibility is desired. (But of course this is not the responsibility of anyone but the person who wants it to be compatible, which would be me, and whoever added the feature request.)
- integrate with Firefox 2 RSS import features Edit
  • In Firefox 2, you can set the browser to automatically add an RSS feed to your favorite feed reader when you click on it. Right now, the options are Live Bookmarks, Bloglines, My Yahoo, Google Homepage, or some application of your choosing. Could Sage add itself to this menu, so that RSS feeds are automatically added when clicked?

Requests: Security Edit

- secure RSS Edit
  • allow for feeds which require basic authentication -- e.g. automatically logging into the feed for you, avoiding interactive login.

Requests: General Edit

Note: Requests in sections other than General may receive higher priorities.

- support for Thunderbird Edit
  • For those of us who like to use Thunderbird to browse news and mail, it would be nice to be able to install the Sage extension into Thunderbird to read feeds with all the Sage options (e.g. themes, better interface). While Thunderbird has a basic RSS reader, it is just that: basic and prone to errors. Sage is more up to date and has better support, however it's link to the browser as opposed to the messaging application puts some of us off using it.
- option to open Sage in it's own window Edit
  • The option to open the Sage Feedlist in an external window would be appreciated as the sidebar tends to feel rather cramped and also has the adverse effect of limiting the display area of feeds.
- prefetching Edit
  • A nice feature would be to allow (optional!) prefetching of all pages linked from feeds for offline browsing. (i. e. you click "update", wait a minute or two, disconnect from the net and read the news)
- support for firefox 2 Edit
  • Would be great to have support for all version of firefox (like many other plugins do) :
  • answer: Sage is available for Firefox 2 :
- save the list of read items in a way that it is preserved Edit
  • A real pain for me with Sage and other RSS aggregators for Firefox is that they all seem to keep their settings for read/unread items in a file that gets wiped if you are wiping tracks/deleting the cache. I would be delighted to see it saved somewhere else, even if optionally.:
- open all links from the sage sidebar in a new tab Edit
  • The most annoying thing to me about sage! I know you can middle/ctrl click to open rendered feeds in a new tab, but it's easy to make a mistake. At least if middle-clicking worked when "Render feeds in contents area" was off, then at least it would prevent accidentally losing the page of the tab you happened to be on when you clicked in the sage sidebar.:
- activate feeds opended in a new tab Edit
  • Though all of my links are opened in a new tab and activated, feeds from Sage are not. It's quite annoying to click one feed and have to activate it via mouse to make it readable since it's in the background at first. So please insert and option to make new feed-based tabs come to front automatically.:
- open all updated feeds in tabs Edit
  • would save the manual process of CTRL/Middle clicking on updated feeds to open them in their own tab.
  • 20:23, 4 Jun 2005 (UTC): an alternative would be that you can pre-load the pages of a specific feed to make browsing smoother. (without already opening the tabs so the tabbar stays 'clean') -- maarten
  • it will also be nice if options like "Open unread tabs starting from a certain link in the feed". For example TheInquirer usually displays the last 40 news items from their site, of which you might have (say) already read 25 items and just need to read the rest 15 items.
  • would like to have a feature that allowed all updated feeds to be opened into their own tabs so that I can then just read through them.
  • this request is mandatory. is a waste of time mid-clicking on all feeds. my suggestion is:
    • update feeds in background
    • add a button that change its icon when some feed has new items
    • launch all new items when clicking on that button
- support for offline viewing of downloaded feeds. Edit
  • I need to flag/categorize certain feed items and archive them, so that I can find them later when I need the information.
  • should also include an option to automatically delete downloaded feeds after x period of time to avoid folder bloat.
  • have Sage remember previous state after closed and reopened.
  • it really irritates me that when I click "Check Feeds", Sage obediently downloads the feeds, and shows me that there are new stories. I then click on each feed, only for it to download again! Why? I've JUST downloaded them! The retrieved result should be cached either until the next reload, or until the headers on the document state that it's out of date.
- update feeds in the background regularly and keep unread items in the list Edit
  • my request is that Sage caches the results of the global feed check, or at least give me the option to say cache the articles and then use the cache instead of doing a whole new check
  • configure auto-print new feed to work with feed-specific auto-refresh
  • use the description part of the bookmark to set a schedule of when to search for a feed update. I see two ways of this working
    • user sets a length of time, 1 hour for an example. Sage won't refresh that feed if it has been refreshed in the last hour.
    • user sets a time of day and a recurrance. Example is tod=12:15 and recurrance=30 minutes. Sage will only refresh if it hasn't already refreshed since the last 15 or 45 of the hour.
  • why does Sage query each feed, one after the other? Can't it query them all together at once, asynchronously?
  • my request is that sage save the feed check to, and to have a schearch option, into this cache.
Don't update feeds unless either the user triggers the update or given time has passed.
- toolbar notification with number of new items Edit
  • it would be nice to add a "notify-window" (similar to the update-notification-window), which slides into the screen and show the received headlines.
  • either notify-window or notify-icon in the system tray would be great. It would be useful to filter which threads you get notified about also. For some high volume threads you really dont want to get a notify every time they are updated.
  • ticker-style notification of the latest news headline?
  • I fourth that, each feed should have an option "Notify on update?" and you should get a little popup like the google-talk gmail update.
- include support for <author> in feed items Edit
  • this is particularly useful for Op-Eds where one reads articles from a particular author.
- add support for 'feed:' urls Edit
- options to display date/time according to ISO8601, e.g. "2005-10-29 14:05" Edit
- add support for Growl notifications Edit

Thanks for your great site!

Thanks for your great site!

Seconded! Please add growl support. It is an open source project like FF and other Mac OS RSS apps such as Vienna and NetNewsWire are doing this.

- add an option to display the description of the active feed. Edit
  • a 3rd window on the left (below the 'sage feed item list') for the description would be nice.
    • Blech. No. It'd wreck the look. However, having that info in a tooltip that would activate when hovering over the feed list would be cool
- include an "About" option at the foot of the Options menu. Edit
- option to limit the maximum number of items in a newsfeed. Edit
  • some newsfeeds are too prodigious, they have far too many.
- add option to have Sage close sidebar after firefox window closes. Edit
- A click on the rss item list jumps to an anchor in the generated page (sage.html) Edit
  • reduces unnecessary traffic
  • quick jumping to interesting items
  • i have already implemented this feature and it has a nice feeling (very interesting in single column layout) where can i place code snippets?
- Allow temporary disabling of feeds Edit
  • Sometimes, a feed is unreachable (server down, etc.). Sage then waits for a timeout, and the other feeds are not checked in the meantime. So an option in the context meny to disable checking of a feed would be useful. Alternatively, parallel checking of feeds would be useful.
  • Being able to set a default timeout would be nice too. It appears to be somewhat longer than a minute, which seems forever. If I could reset it to 10 seconds or something, that would be excellent.
- Mark All Feeds RSS Read Button Edit
  • Add a button that marks all RSS feeds read.
- Expand all Folders Button Edit
  • Add a button that expands all folders in RSS List.
- Collapse all Folders Button Edit
  • Add a button that collapses all folders in RSS List.
- Integrate with other extensions Edit
  • Follow the rules for opening links as adjusted by Tab Mix Plus and All-In-One-Sidebar or provide similar options (e.g., open all links in a new tab, automatically close other folders).
- Allow to retry to download a File not found during the capture phase Edit
  • Selecting a file on the capture dialog (right clicking on it for example or double clicking) not found during the capture phase should allows to retry to download. Also it will be useful to see the url of the broken link instead of the "n [xxxx] file not fond (404 Not Found)".
- Allow the link in the Sage sidebar to link to a specific webpage Edit
  • My thought is this: when Sage alerts me that there are new updates on my RSS feeds, I would like to quickly get to the page with the RSS feed rather than the RSS feed XML page. So, for instance, suppose that there is a new XKCD comic up. It would be awesome if clicking on my RSS feed for XKCD brought my directly to rather than Of course, for people who prefer the RSS page, that functionality will be the default, but for people like me it would be great to have this option. If this already exists, let me know, cause I wasn't able to find it X_x Thanks!

- Allow sage to keep items which are no longer in the feed for a time frame which you configure though options.Edit
  • When items are no longer in the feed, I don't think I can view then though sage even if I previously viewed the feed. I would like sage to archive these for a set period of time (which I can configure though options). Additionally, I would like to be able to configure a feed so I can archive these items in the background even if I'm not viewing the feed.

Using Sage with Forum feeds Edit

Issues pertaining especially to Forum feeds:

Forum Title Modification Request Edit
  • in forum feeds, the topic title is taken from:
<title mode="escaped">
'Forum Title' :: 'Topic Title'
Often the Forum Title is long enough that it dominates the Sage sidebar listing such that the Topic Title isn't even displayed. The suggestion is to have an option to axe the repetitive Forum Title, perhaps by matching with each
<dc:subject>'Forum Title'</dc:subject>
  • Ikester 21:11, 28 January 2006 (UTC): This would be a great addition!
Forum Listing Compression Edit
  • listing all unread posts in one forum topic in the Sage sidebar bottom panel, results in wasted time looking through the listings. That's because the earliest unread post allows one to browse the remaining, newer posts directly. To subsequently click on a Sage sidebar newer post link in that topic is wasted effort. So as to avoid such rebrowsing, one is forced to more closely examine each unread link posted in the sidebar to verify that it isn't just a newer post in the same topic.
  • Absolutely!! This would be the single-most important timesaver for me!! Dunno if this is unique to phpBB but if it's not affecting many people, I'd be prepared to develop a GreaseMonkey script ... if I could find out just what GreaseMonkey scripts could do in this regard. --Ikester 21:19, 28 January 2006 (UTC)
  • The suggestion is to list only the earliest unique unread 'Topic Title'. Perhaps this needs to be an option to deal with non-forum newsfeeds.
  • Add an option to hide the posts that have been read in the current session.
  • Add an option for feeds to be cached, then periodically updated at a set interval, and not updated every time the feed is clicked on.
  • Fix the tooltip so that it displays the full title/wraps the title if it is long
  • be able to stop a feed or dis-able a feed for a time (right mouse menu --> Properties [Disable feed]). During power outages, feed keep searching forever ....

Comments Edit

  • It would be more useful to get only titles on the left panel if clicking once, and get the details on the main one only if clicking twice on the RSS feed. Then, clicking on an icon should allowed to render the detail of a title below it, still on the left panel. So you can check RSS feeds while you read an other page.
  • I would like a completely different layout, like the one FeedReader uses. The interface uses a sidebar where you select feeds, the right side is divided horizontally. The top shows headlines. A single click on a headline shows the "previes" (the text contained in the rss), a doubleclick shows the page to which the headline links. Both previews and web pages are shown in the bottom part of the right part. I would suggest to make middle-clicking a headline open it in a new tab, otherwise to display the reader in a single tab of the browser. A screenshot of the feedreader design can be found here: [1]

Misc. Questions Edit

  • I have used Sage almost since I began using Firefox, and I've always been able to use it with new versions. Until Firefox 2.0 (beta), I was wondering when a version that would work with Firefox 2.0 would be here? Thanks...
  • Any way to display the time and date of the feeds in the sidebar after each feed's title?
  • Could Sage be made to work on flock ??
  • Could Sage be setup to display the main summary window on the tab which is currently shown when the link is clicked (instead of the tab which is currently selected once the feed has been updated)?
  • I recently added Sage as an Extension to Firefox, but I don't see any way to add and RSS feeds. I tried clicking on XML buttons on various website with feeds but that did not help, just got a page filled with XML. I could not even add the Sage feed. Does anyone have a workaround to add feeds to Sage or can anyone recommend another RSS reader? Thanks, CMA.
    • [ANSWER] Please visit the Getting Started page and read the externally linked article near the top of the page.
  • Why does the pop-up not render the whole title ? And I think it is not suite to allow the RSS to modifie the name of it. It should only modifie the feeds. Anyway, this extension is usefull and far better than others. Bravo.
  • How can I set up a page that displays a set number of items from each feed registered with Sage? Can Sage do this automatically?
  • Is it possible to have sage list all of my feeds onto one html page instead of having to open a different page for each feed? (as I use it to track new posts on different forums)
  • When I click on a Feed title I don't want to see the newsitems in a new page, I only want to see the items in the section under the titles. I hate it when the webpage I visited dissappears and the newsitem's css is shown.
    • [ANSWER] In Sage's settings un-check 'Render feeds in contents area' checkbox.
      • Hmmm, I still see quite a bit of room for improvement, though. Is there a way that FFx can see Sage as a default reader? If so, I'd like to see, when you click on FFx's feed discovery icon that it just goes into the "Sage Feeds" bookmark folder without "passing go" and asking for user interaction. Or, to be able to click and drag the icon: 1) to the Sage sidebar, to be able to save, or 2) into one of the current open tabs, showing the sage stylesheet for that feed, to be able to view without saving. These suggestions, though all hinges on the premise - if there is a way that FFx can see Sage as a default reader.
  • What attribute(s) does Sage use to detect that an RSS item has been updated? I've tried updating the item's guid, pubDate, and link, each separately and all together. Regardless, Sage doesn't highlight the item as new. How can I force Sage to detect that an item has been updated?
  • Does sage have a "notify" kind of feature? Meaning a icon pops up somewhere, say the right end of the status bar, when a feed is updated? Its not there in the options as far as i can see.
  • Is there a way to have the feeds automatically updated as soon as you open the sidebar, instead of clicking each feed individually? And can they be checked on a schedule, hourly or a few times a day?
    • I second that wish. It would be great to have a configuration item to set some feeds on auto-update (like the watchlist feature of Wiz RSS for example) to have some sort of notification if a feed has new items to read (would be great for security news feeds for example). -- Frank Altpeter
  • : Provide an option to use small toolbar icons!
    • toomuchgreentea : Already supported under Firefox? (View - Toolbars - Customize, check "Use Small Icons")
  • Has anyone else reported problems getting Sage to work on Portable Firefox? Seems like when I first installed it, it worked fine, but I cannot seem to add discovered feeds to it at all.. I haven't tried pasting links into it, but it just stays completely blank when I attempt to add discovered feeds.. Hmm, it appears I'm getting an invalid hash table error whenever I try and install a range of extensions.. Perhaps that is related..
  • It would be great if there were a feature that highlighted a folder where a feed that is updated is residing. Now you have to check all the folders if the feeds have been updated or not.
  • Sage does not seem to save titles which have been entered by the user in the properties. E.g. If a feed has not title with it, it appears blank and editing the name does not have an effect if the feed is reloaded. Any idea?
  • What about support for Firefox 3 ? LT-P 23:31, 1 March 2008 (UTC)
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